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Fiztroy Falls - spectacular views over the edge at Morton National Park

Fitzroy is a must-see if you're already here - access and parking using the same pass for Minnamurra Falls / National Park.

 Rainbow effect at the base of the waterfall.

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Carrington Falls

Carrington is nearest falls to Minnamurra.

Firstly, view the falls from afar.

Then, proceed to the origin of the falls behind the picnic area.

Have fun wading in the water which is not too rapid, in fact, quite calm in some areas.

But be careful of deep potholes and slimy, slippery rocks.

More excitement awaits.  Get closer to the edge of the waterfall.

Steep plunge down the cliff. Oooooh!!!

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Minaamurra Falls - National Park (NSW), Sub-equatorial Forest Board Walk, Jamberoo

Minnamurra Falls Board Walk is an interesting nature exploration. The construction is sturdy and "neat" by the law of jungle standards.

Downstream falls are gentle and subtle sounding

We witnessed some steeper plunges along the way uphill.

Slippery rocks are not within reach from the board walk, and therefore safe for visitors.

Giant and majestic ancient trees compete for the sun with other trees and parasitic plants.

Miniature humans in comparison to gigantic trees

More samples of unusual roots

Fan or umbrella - it's your interpretation.

For the able bodied and adventurous who are here early, there is a steep 2 km climb to the top of the Minnamurra Falls.  If you prefer easier and relatively flat surface walks, save some time for the other beautiful waterfalls within minutes of driving distance.

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Belmore Falls - NSW

Getting to Belmore Falls is not easy in the absence of clear signage. It is not too far from the famous (few eateries here) pie shop at Robertson junction is a safe guide. There are two entries, so if you missed one, go by the next lane.

Of all the waterfalls in the vicinity, I think Belmore is the most inaccessible as part of the roads are not paved. When it is dry, the vehicle whips up lots of sand and dust. When it is wet, the road becomes slippery. Whatever the case, you must drive slowly and carefully.

Driving a car through a river crossing is quite an exciting experience. There is some degree of bouyancy and floating sensation.

It looks rather precarious but the base is actually concrete. Slowly does it.

Finally, the well hidden falls emerge after 80 m walk.

 The cascade is amazing but not spectacular if you have seen more magnificent and voluminous falls elsewhere.

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